SSD USB 3.0 Drives For Mac

Fast and affordable -- Apple compatible external USB 3.0 SSD Mac backup drives with a single SSD module are a great match for quick Time Machine backups, auxiliary file storage and OSX drive cloning tasks on an Apple computer.

Particularly if you have a Super-Speed capable USB 3.0 Macintosh desktop or MacBook laptop which has it's own internal Apple solid state drive, these are a well-matched, high-performance solution for your Mac's data backup needs.
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Mac SSD USB 3.0 External RAID Drives

For even higher performance and Read/Write speeds, multi-drive USB 3 RAID SSD drive arrays can leverage every bit of USB3's 5Gbps data pipeline to make large file transfers a breeze. When paired in a RAID 0 Striped Array, USB3 SSD external drives are an excellent option for professional and demanding environments where time is money.
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Add Your Own SSD's

Because the latest generation of solid-state drives can actually EXCEED USB 3.0 bandwidth when paired in a striped RAID 0 array - There currently aren't many RAID SSD drive solutions on the market. In this case ThunderBolt RAID products are a better option for peak bandwidth. However, with the above combo interface drive enclosure - you can have the versatility of USB 3.0, FireWire 800 and eSATA connectivity - AND - the speed benefits of solid-state flash memory and either a Striped RAID 0 or RAID 1 Mirrored hardware based drive array with a flip of a switch, or through a software RAID drive configuration.

For single drive enclosures paired with a 2.5" SSD - make sure the enclosure supports UASP protocol to maximize the efficiency of data transfers and assure peak benchmarking rates. Not all USB 3 drive enclosures support UASP so make sure it's clearly stated in the product listing.

USB 3.0 vs ThunderBolt

For the average Mac user, the most bang for your buck will be in an external USB 3.0 SSD backup drive. The cost savings over a comparable ThunderBolt drive solution is significant while achieving most of the performance benefits at far lower costs. For single solid-state drive solutions that you build yourself, just make sure that the USB 3.0 drive enclosure supports UASP to achieve the most efficient data transfers possible.

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