Recommended MacBook Air Compatible SSD Drive Options

Shopping for a larger or faster MacBook Air solid state drive? There's many options to upgrade your MacBook Air SSD but it's a long - and complicated journey. Since it's first introduction, the MacBook Air has evolved from 1.8" PATA-IDE to 1.8" SATA drives to custom mini M.2 SATA module now on to custom mini PCIe interface SSD blades. As such, using Apple's System Profiler and the model # imprinted under your MacBook Air is essential to ascertaining EXACTLY which kind of SSD blade / module / drive might be appropriate for your upgrade.

Because of the evolving interface changes and lack of critical mass marketshare for any one particular MacBook Air model, the number of aftermarket SSD upgrades is rather constrained. Apple's use of non-standard pinouts in it's modules/blades didn't help either. Apple eschewed using standard M.2 or MSATA sockets that the Windows PC world widely embraced in laptops and netbooks.

OWC has long had the lion's share of aftermarket solid-state drive upgrades for MacBook Air computers. More recently, Transcend International has begun to compete in this space since they were the OEM supplier for many of Apple's modules in the first place. Transcend and Samsung were the primary OEMs for Apple's factory installed SSD's. Transcend decided to pursue the consumer market with working, Apple compatible SSD module designs already done.

Both OWC and Transcend not only offer the larger and usually faster SSD blades - but sell them as upgrade kits with an accompanying USB 3.0 mini blade enclosure to help with the OSX system transfer - and to let you use your older, smaller module as a Mac backup drive.