Best External SSD Drive For Mac Backups and TimeMachine

Shopping for the most affordable or best external solid-state backup solution for backing up your Mac or for use with Apple TimeMachine? Need extra storage capacity for large video, music or photo libraries that just won't fit on your Mac's internal drive?

With recent, major price drops on the cost of solid-state storage, even high-capacity USB 3.0 external SSD drives are within reach of even a budget conscious consumer. With aggressive pricing, LaCie's 120GB solid-state portable drive is now prices under $100 USD. Larger capacities offer even lower cost-per-gigabyte for USB enabled Apple computers old or new.

Cheap LaCie USB 3.0 Solid-State Drive

Read Speeds Up To 400Mbps

For the most affordability, the best external SSD drive for your Mac laptop or desktop is a USB 3.X solid-state drive. Backward compatible with slower USB 2.0 (and even USB 1.1 ports when needed) they offer low-cost opportunities to step into the fast lane of SSD storage. And, at least with single-drive solutions, they offer comparable data transfer rates to ThunderBolt without the additional expense that buying a ThunderBolt drive entails.