MacBook Pro Compatible SSD Drive Upgrade Recommendations

With nearly eighty percent of all Mac computers sold Apple's venerable MacBook is the most likely candidate for a Mac compatible SSD drive upgrade. For many older MacBooks (and even iBook's) there's a huge range of off-the-shelf 2.5" IDE and SATA laptop-sized drives that make an ultra-fast drive swap a highly compelling upgrade.

Samsung's Top-Performing Evo SATA III SSD

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Although many older Apple laptop models may now be limited as to which version of Mac OSX they're capable of running, when properly formatted for MacOS there's no denying a MacBook Pro SSD upgrade can breathe unprecedented new life and performance into any aging Mac. Thanks to backward compatibility, even older SATA I and SATA II MacBooks will perform as best they can with a fully compatible 2.5" solid-state SATA III drive that's the norm of what's currently shipping.

Dirt Cheap SATA SSD For MacBooks

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Things get more challenging with newer MacBooks starting in 2012 and beyond as Apple started transitioning away from 2.5" hard drives to custom pin-out SSD drive MODULES. Look to OWC - Other World Computing and Transcend for 3rd-party aftermarket Apple compatible SSD module upgrades - though note they're very MODEL-SPECIFIC depending on the year it was released and whether it's a Pro or Air MacBook - shop carefully! Use Apple System Profiler to identify your exact MacBook model name and numbers.

MacBook Pro SSD Upgrade Kit

Solid-State Module + USB 3 SSD Enclosure

More recently, as in 2014 and later, Apple began the shift away from the Serial ATA - SATA interface towards the much more robust and higher-bandwidth PCIe connectivity. PCIe is poised to be the dominant solid-state drive interface for the next 5 years and beyond. But once again, custom pin-outs from Apple will severely limit your aftermarket SSD drive upgrade choices.