Apple Compatible Solid-State Drive Hardware

Here at we've been tracking Apple compatible SSD drives and the flash memory storage scene for many years: Long before Apple even began using solid-state drives in it's computers.

SSD storage had a long, slow evolution initially -- but then advances and changes accelerated at a mind-blowing pace. Once seen as too limited in storage capacity and far too expensive for consumer use, flash memory based storage was initially only affordable or viable in rugged military or industrial environments or as a supplement to supercomputing environs where speed mattered most.

When the consumer solid-state storage market finally exploded, it's been a challenge to keep up with. Changing price/performance curves, advancing interface connectivity methods and more make this an incredibly dynamic marketplace to track. Even I struggle to keep up with the evolution of the consumer SSD space, but I do try - and share what I know to help other Apple computer owners make more informed purchase decisions about internal and external SSD computing hardware.