Apple Compatible Mac Pro SSD Upgrades

Shopping for an Apple compatible internal solid state drive for Mac Pro? SSD drive upgrade kits for Mac Pro offer plenty of high-performance solid-state drive options for both current and previous generation aluminum Mac Pro towers, the more recent cylindrical 'Trash Can' styled Pro desktop computers, and the latest 'Cheese Grater' Mac Pro systems.

Tower Mac Pro PCIe SSD Cards

For legacy aluminum Mac Pro tower owners, there are affordable internal PCIe SSD cards available to add one or two laptop size SSD's to a Mac Pro's full-size PCIe slot. Apricorn offers two SSD PCIe cards that can be used with any off-the-shelf 2.5" SATA III SSD drive of your choice. As featured elsewhere on this site, some of our top recommendations for SSD drives include the dirt cheap Crucial SSD, or higher performing Samsung Evo Series, Sandisk Extreme Family, or premium Samsung EVO Series drives. There are also PCIe SSD cards for Mac that support one or more M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD modules that will deliver even higher performance.

Apricorn Mac PCI SSD CardSonnet Mac PCI SSD CardOWC Mac PCI SSD Card
Velocity Solo PCI Card

Apricorn Solo X1
Sonnet Tempo PCI Card

Single Or Dual Drives
Dual SSD Modules

RAID Drive Support

Above, note the Apricorn PCIe SSD Card will function in all Mac Pro tower models, but is only bootable in EFI64 firmware supported machines. These last 2 models from 2009 and 2010, also show a system ID as as MacPro 4,1 and MacPro 5,1. This can be verified by doing an About This Mac from the Apple Menu, and then getting More Info. The first two Mac Pro models from 2006 and 2007 have an ID as MacPro 1,1 and MacPro 2,1. They are EFI32 firmware, so the Velocity Solo is NOT bootable, but can function as additional high performance storage. The 2008 Mac Pro 3,1 revision has EFI64 firmware, but sadly does not boot reliably and so booting isn't supported by Apricorn.

Mac Pro Drive Bay SSD Upgrade Options

Aluminum Pros also offer the ability to use a 3.5" to 2.5" SATA adapter sled or bracket to use any 2.5" SATA SSD of your choosing. While not as fast as a direct PCI connection, 6Gbps SATA III drives are significantly faster than any HDD, and with recent price plunges, even Terabyte size SSD's have become very affordable for both speed AND ample storage capacity.

Cylinder Mac Pro PCIe SSD Modules

Custom PCIe SSD blades are available to replace the existing internal flash memory drive your cylindrical 'Trash-Can' style Mac Pro may have originally came with.

Apple Compatible Mac Pro PCIe SSD

For Select Pro Models + External Enclosure

With it's latest cylindrical models of Mac Pro desktop computers, Apple switched from SATA III and adopted the PCIe interface using CUSTOM M.2 pinout PCIe SSD modules. This effectively more than DOUBLED data transfer rates for phenominal Read/Write performance. This is allowing much faster Read/Write speeds over 1000 MBps that the latest PCI solid-state drive modules are now capable of. They're highly desired by demanding, data-intensive HD video editing environments in particular.

Mac Pro Cylinder MCE PCIe SSD

4-Lane : Requires OSX High Sierra

Upgrading the solid-state drive module in a Mac Pro is quite easy. After sliding the unlock and removing the top cover, a single Torx screw is all that holds the SSD blade in place. Format for Mac OSX with a GUID Partition Table and you're ready to install or migrate your system and data.

Internal Solid-State Drives For Mac Pro Cylinders

The base models of Mac Pro Cylinders include a minimum 256GB of PCIe flash-based storage. 512GB and 1TB SSD modules were available on higher end and BTO (Build-To-Order) system customizations. Depending on the Year/Revision/Model - Apple used either PCI 2.0 2-Channel 2X or PCI 3.0 4-Channel 4X modules.

OWC also provides 3rd-party PCI SSD modules that are compatible with newer Mac Pros. These Apple compatible PCIe SSD upgrade modules are pricey, but available in capacities up to 4TB. OWC also offers external PCIe USB 3.0 drive enclosures to repurpose your original, smaller drive. MCE Technologies also sells PCIe SSD modules for the cylindrical Mac Pro and more recent iMacs and Retina MacBooks.

Exernal Solid-State Storage Options

With it's multitude of USB 3.0 and ThunderBolt 2 ports there's certainly no shortage of opportunities to plug an external USB 3.0, 3.1 USB-C or ThunderBolt SSD or hard drive of your choice into a Macintosh Pro to add Terabytes more storage capacity if needed.

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